You must be a citizen in one of the five twin cities (Ålesund, Västerås, Lahti, Akureyri or Randers). Your age is between 16 and 20. We prefere an equal participation of girls and boys.

Participation is not based on specific skills, but on more general qualities as cooperativeness, interest in the theme and the ability of communication in english.

You must be able to cope with homesickness and sometimes pressure from an intensive day and hard work.

Be aware of these three basic rules:
1. Represent your city and country in a positive and active way
2. Be ready to participate whenever the program starts
3. Make room for others and make sure their needs are met

Each city appoints a leader to be the responsible leader in the accommodation unit. Every morning a groupleader meeting will be held to ensure that the NOVU-week is performed with a high level of information and confidence.  

And very important: All activities with young people are held without use of any kind of alcohol and drugs!

Contact your own city to apply for participation!